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25 mei 2018
Connecting Even When We Fight (NVC-based course for couples)


Are you in a relationship, love your partner very much, but don't love the fighting? How can we connect when we feel very distanced from each other? How do we gain mutual understanding, increase compassion and find win-win outcomes?

On Friday 20 April, 19.15 - 21.30 (Borgerstraat 102), you can get a free introduction to connecting communication skills, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, or NVC model. Cara Crisler, accredited coach, mediator and trainer is offering the workshop as a taster to her upcoming 5-week course, “Connecting Even When We Fight,” which is designed for up to 4 couples and takes place Friday evenings, May through July. She says:

“I enjoy supporting people in committed relationships to experience more awareness and choice in communication. Next to private sessions, I offer this course because there is multi-layered learning that takes place in group settings, everyone experiences a definite sense of not being alone in the difficulties they face in communication, and it's more affordable. I provide a nonjudgmental, safe learning environment, welcome all sharing and use examples from my own 25-year international relationship, in which there are constant ups and downs, communication challenges, mournings and celebrations.”

Participants learn how to:
– identify & deal with alienating language (e.g. blame, judgement, comparisons, criticism)
– speak more honestly (what’s really going on personally)
– listen more deeply for understanding & clarity
– deal with emotions in a connecting way
– make requests (as opposed to demands)
– reach meaningful win-win agreements
– say and hear a “no”
– express and receive appreciation

Dates: 25 May, 8 & 22 June, 6 & 13 July

Timing: Fridays, 19.15 - 22.00

Location: TACA, Borgerstraat 102, Amsterdam (Oud West)

Cost: €195 – 350 per person (excl. BTW), depending on income & free choice

Optional discounted private 1.5 hour sessions: €100 – 175 (excl. BTW), depending on income & free choice

FYI: English or Dutch will be spoken depending on the needs of participants, who are often international couples.

For more details see: https://www.facebook.com/events/1950317988519877

For more information or to register, please contact Cara Crisler: www.crislercoaching.com/contact

Datum/Tijd: 5 Fridays, 19.15 - 22.00, 8, 22 June; 6, 13 July
Locatie: TACA
Adres: Borgerstraat 102
Plaats: Amsterdam
Prijs: € €195 – 350 per person (excl. BTW), depending on income & free choice