4 more days of NVC in Lightness and Depth

4 more days of NVC in Lightness and Depth
with Marianne Gothlin en Corrylaura Van Bladel

Within these days we offer a space for previous participants in our Lightness and Depth programs to come and practice with us, in a group of max 15 participants.

Or if you have attended at least 20 days of NVC-training, please feel very welcome too!

During these days you have an opportunity to boost your NVC awareness and explore your growing edges in a supportive environment. You may further develop your “daily life” NVC language and skills to apply NVC where you want. We strive to take the lightness and depth we already experienced along and to open for new learnings together!

We value co-creation and therefore invite you to let us know what you would like to practice more, and to take this into account in our planning. We will weave your requests together with our enthusiasm for more practice on self compassion, emphatic dialogues and transforming enemy images.

To enrich this training we invite you to answer the following questions. Please send them by email to, after having registered.

What would you like to practice more?
When is applying NVC challenging for you and where would you like to stretch your learning edge?
Is there previous practice that you would like to repeat?

Praktische informatie

Start Datum: 24.02.24
Datum/Tijd: 4 dagen : 24-27 februari 2024 | 24-02-2024 09:30 - 27-02-2024 17:00
Adres: Oude Vorstseweg 25
Plaats: Eindhout
Prijs: € 840 excl. BTW

Corrylaura van Bladel

Corrylaura van Bladel

Oude Vorstseweg 25
2430 Eindhout

info AT praatkracht DOT be