Skill building in the classroom met Kirsten Kristensen

Often our values are clear to us, and we might still not be clear about the “how to”. How to create the culture in our classroom that we are longing for. A culture that demonstrates democratic values, inclusion, peace and respect.

Skill building for modelling inclusion in the classroom

Skill building for creating an inclusive classroom
Living inclusion in a world of polarization
Bridging polarization and staying true to our own values.
Inclusion does not mean including every opinion and behavior – there are borders to bridge and connect over and there are values to care for. A young person might hold opinion’s that we find violent and our invitation is to build connection with the person, valuing needs even when we disagree with the strategies. And to enrich the dialog with the values we want to share with the next generation. We will practice bridging polarization while staying true to our own values.

During the training, through role play, theory and practices, the following subjects are central:

How to nurture ourselves, so we can expand our inner space and embrace diversity
How to model the democratic values we want children to grow up with.
How to change polarization into inclusion and at the same time stand up for our values.
How to create a teaching environment where every child experiences belonging through finding both a mirror and a role model of their ethnicity, religion, economic background and so on.
You will explore new possibilities based on your own experiences and prepare dialogues to take home.

Resulting in
Discover your own potential, strengthening your joy of sharing in the classroom. More awareness of what is going well for you and clarity about what you would like to change.

For whom
For people who have at least two days of training experience with NVC. For teachers and educators who want inspiration for how to manage the classroom. For people who want to take the next step and find ways to implement NVC in the classroom as a way to support inclusion and living democratic values.

This training is led by Kirsten Kristensen (from Danmark) in collaboration with Eva Maria Schneijderberg (from the Netherlands). Both are CNVC certified trainers.

Practical information
The venue is located in Amstelveen. Training is from 12 till 14 May. On Thursday evening the 12th, 19:00- 21:00 we meet (online) and start our training by creating our learning community together. We will also weave together the learning needs of the participants with our preparation. We build a basis for our work the next two (live in person) days. 13 May and 14 May 09:15 – 16:30

Investering: Prijs voor particulieren €375,-, voor ZZP-ers € 525,- en voor deelnemers van wie de organisatie betaalt € 700,-.

Wil je contact met ons op nemen als de financiën een belemmering vormen voor jou of je organisatie om deel te kunnen nemen aan de training? Wij staan ervoor open om daar een gesprek over te voeren omdat onze intentie is om bij te dragen aan een wereld die voor iedereen werkt. Deelnemers uit België kunnen voor deze opleiding een subsidieaanvraag doen bij de kmo-portefeuille en zo tot 30% van het nettobedrag laten subsidiëren.

More information
Call (06-123 456 75) or mail us for more information.

Praktische informatie

Start Datum: 12.05.22
Datum/Tijd: 12 t/m 14 mei 2022 |
Adres: Bovenkerkerweg 114
Plaats: Amstelveen
Prijs: Prijs voor particulieren €375,-, voor ZZP-ers € 525,- en voor deelnemers van wie de organisatie beta

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