Online interactive NVC Basic Training

Are you interested in NVC / Compassionate and Effective Communication but are still wondering how it could help you? Then don’t be shy and join this live interactive training on Zoom! Four online interactive two hour sessions will get you results!

What is NVC / Compassionate Communication?

You probably will recognize this situation: no matter how hard you work and try and how positive the intentions of all involved may be, you are not getting the desired outcome through your communication. The reason is often simple: few people have learned to communicate effectively at the start of life. Because of this, the things we do and say to each other can create a lot of unnecessary confusion, misunderstanding, and irritation.

NVC / Compassionate communication is the solution for this problem. You will learn to stick to the facts and get better at understanding other peoples needs and your own. Learning to listen to and understand the intention people have rather than just hearing the words is quite an art. The clarity you get when you understand what is going on helps you make better choices.

NVC / Compassionate Communication allows you to:

Communicate more effectively
Experience a real connection with others and within yourself
Better understand other people
Keep listening to each other
Stick to the facts
Judge less
Explore and set boundaries
To deal with anger and sadness
Better achieve your goal

“It is super practical! I really liked this format of having time in between sessions to digest and this training was valuable and meaningful to me.” - Beth, Canada

Praktische informatie

Start Datum: 10.01.21
Datum/Tijd: January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st 2020, 3:00 pm to 05:00 pm CET/ 7am - 9am MDT | 3:00 pm to 05:00 pm CET/ 7am - 9am MDT
Adres: Online
Plaats: Online
Prijs: €75,-

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