Reconnecting to joy

A Workshop for people sharing Nonviolent Communication in groups

With Ike Lasater and Christiaan Zandt

As a trainer or facilitator, you likely have ample exercises at your disposal to help people practice challenging conversations and conflict communication skills. Although your participants are moved and enthusiastic about what you offer, you nonetheless may have concerns about focussing solely on stressful situations and discord, as well as the time spent sitting and talking. Instead, you want to bring more balance to the experiences you offer. You want your participants to be physically active during your trainings – to be on their feet while they experience NVC not only as a means to resolving conflict, but as a compelling path to connection, a path filled with cooperation, empathy and trust. If any of this rings true for you, we would love to see you in this two-day training!

In our culture of disconnection and resulting loneliness and anxiety, we often try to feel good by buying more stuff or engaging with others via social media instead of in-person, when in fact these strategies do not provide happiness. In our 2-day workshop, we will focus on intentionally changing our chemistry to experience joy by choosing connection with ourselves and others.

Throughout these two days you will do exercises that help you and your participants:

Come back to life: exercises to mourn loss of vitality
Practice gratitude: exercises to create and to celebrate the creation of connection
Touch the world: exercises to strengthen our sense of belonging in this world
Books that inspire this workshop and that we recommend reading (before or after the workshop):

Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow
Johann Hari, Lost Connections. Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions
Fred Donaldson, Playing For Real: Re-Playing The Game of Life
Ike Lasater, John Kinyon and Julie Stiles, When Your Mind Sabotages Your Dreams: Turning Your Critical Internal Voices Into Collaborative Allies
Bessel van der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score
Practical details
Ike Lasater & Christiaan Zandt

Dates and time
June 11-12 2019, 9.30-16.30 o’clock.

Boerin en de Kok, Bovenkerkerweg 114, 1188 XJ Amstelveen

€275 for individual participants, €375 for self-employed (ZZP), €725 for professionals whose organisation is paying. (This includes training materials, drinks, snacks and lunch). If money-issues provide barriers to your participation, please get in touch with Christiaan (

For more information
Call us (010-465 00 68) or mail us.

Praktische informatie

Start Datum: 11.06.19
Datum/Tijd: 11 en 12 juni 2019
Locatie: Boerin en de Kok
Adres: Bovenkerkerweg 114
Plaats: Amstelveen

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